Return Policy



While makes every effort to accommodate its users, consumers, and retailers, our Returns Policy has to be one that is both reasonable and in strict accordance with the relevant aspects of the Consumer Protection Act of 2008 (CPA) and its regulations as amended.
Returns can only be done within 7-14 working days of order.


  1. Where goods have been incorrectly supplied. An example of this is where a user orders goods and receives goods that are substantially different from what was ordered. will then have the incorrect goods picked up and the correct goods delivered at no charge to the consumer.
  2. Where the goods sold are materially defective. Materially defective means that the goods are not suitable for the purposes for which they are made or designed and that the defect affects the usage of the item. reserves the right to inspect the goods once they have been returned, which inspection may take up to 10 working days, before offering the Consumer recourse on the matter, which may include, but is not limited to:
  • A full refund where the goods are found to be materially defective due to a manufacturing fault or defective batch of goods OR
  • A store credit to the value of the goods
  • A replacement of the goods with the same or substantially similar items

Materially defective here excludes minor scratches, dents, marks or defects which do not affect the usage or enjoyment of the goods. Ordinary wear and tear are specifically excluded.

  1. Returns shall be processed for goods purchased from via the Website or Online Platform within 5 days of purchase, and which fall within the “cooling off” period in terms of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). Any such return shall only be accepted if the goods are in their original packaging, All tags are still attached, unused and the Consumer is able to provide a valid, dated proof of purchase.
  2. Once the stock has been returned and a refund has been accepted by, payment of the refunded amount shall be made into the user or consumer’s account 7 to 14 days from the date of approval of that refund.


  1. The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) specifically excludes ‘buyer’s remorse’ and reserves the right to reject returns that are sought because the Consumer has ‘changed his mind’ or no longer wants the item after the purchase has been made.
  2. Where the goods have been damaged due to ordinary wear and tear or worn out in the ordinary course of use.
  3. Where the goods have been purchased from other retailers and not
  4. Where the goods fall into one of the following categories:
  • Underwear, sleepwear, Swimwear or lingerie
  • Goods that have been personalized or custom made
  • Goods that have been specifically ordered for the Consumer and are not in ordinary stock
  • Goods that may pose a health or safety hazard if returned or reused. Food and drink products may not be returned
  • Earrings, including studs, piercings, hairpieces, attachments and other personal body items due to health and safety considerations
  • Exchanges on electrical products that have been used, tested, or are otherwise are not defective.
  • All consumable food items which are purchased constitute a non-returnable product due to Health reasons
  1. Where the goods have been willfully damaged or have been damaged by the gross negligence of the Consumer or Retailer.
  2. Where the goods have been damaged by Force Majeure, or an act of God such as inclement weather, natural disaster, power failure, electrical surges, or circumstances outside of Sage Clothing’s control.
  3. Sage Clothing reserves the right to hold the Consumer Liable for delivery charges in the event of one or more of the above circumstances being the reason for the return of the goods


Sage Clothing reserves the right not to process exchanges for any reason whatsoever, subject to sections 55 and 56 of the Consumer Protection Act of 2008, as amended.

Should a customer, consumer, or user be unhappy with the color, type, spec, or quality of goods supplied, Sage Clothing shall process a cash refund or store credit to the customer which may be used for the purchase of other goods on the website or online platform.

Goods that are returned to Sage Clothing shall be treated as returned items and a store credit or cash refund shall be processed to the customer in lieu thereof.


Sage Clothing offers consumers free delivery of all orders over R 550.00 (Five hundred and fifty rands)

The free deliveries are subject to the following conditions:

  1. The total basket value of the purchase must be R550.00 (Five hundred and fifty rands) or more.
  2. This may constitute a single item, or multiple items totaling R550.00 (Five hundred and fifty rands) or more.
  3. Should the consumer return one or more items after having received the free shipping, thereby dropping the total basket value or the total value of the purchase to below R550.00 (Five hundred and fifty rands) then that consumer shall be liable for shipping charges as determined by Sage Clothing. This may include promotions or combo deals that constituted to the Free Delivery
  4. Sage Clothing reserves the right to levy shipping charges at its discretion where there has been abuse or misuse by consumers of the free shipping offer.

Collection / Drop off point (Cornubia Mall KZN Collection Option)

1.1 Sage Clothing shall make use of the store which is based at Cornubia Mall for specific orders, whereby the customer has selected the “collect” option while purchasing from the online store. This is in an effort to assist customers in obtaining their purchased items without delay.

1.2 Customers will be notified via email once the orders have been processed and are ready for collection, usually within 2 days of placing the order.

1.3 Any items which the customer may need to return can similarly be returned to the store at Cornubia Mall for seamless transactions.